Behtar Bharat

Students and youth will build a Behtar Bharat with fraternity, equality, justice and liberty.
It is time to put YOUR concerns on the national agenda

In Behtar Bharat, Young People Will Get

Equal educational opportunities for all

  • No one should be denied education
  • No one should have to dropout of college

Sense of Identity and Purpose

  • Young people are valuable and society and government should care for them
  • Education must lead to opportunities and employment
  • Have a role in nation-building which goes beyond their work/jobs

Care and Guidance

  • Counseling and mentoring for young people, especially first-generation and rural students so that they don’t miss opportunities
  • Support for students who need help

Fair Play and Justice

  • Admission and recruitment exams need to be corruption-free
  • End bias against rural and non-English speaking aspirants
  • End discrimination against the marginalized (SC/ST, women etc)
  • Extra support for those who are behind

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Block-level Youth Clubs

Access to opportunities and mentoring: youth clubs in every block
A friendly place in your neighborhood where you can go to make friends and also to get information and guidance to make informed choices. The club will also offer coaching, English classes, volunteer opportunities, exchange program with other youth clubs, and meetings with leaders in different fields

Students rights commission

There are some non-negotiable rights of a student studying in any college or university, such as transparent admissions, regular classes, timely completion of course/degree, safety on campus etc. These rights have been defined in the Students Rights Act. It is proposed that a Students Rights Commission be constituted to enforce violations of the Students Rights Act

Overhaul of the examination system

There are paper leak after paper leak in the admission and recruitment process which has eroded faith in the examination system. Exam results are often delayed and there is no transparency in scoring system. The re-evaluation fee is often very high

Discrimination-free education institutions

There is often systemic operation against Dalit, Adivasi and Female students. People, processes and economic review is required to end this discrimination

English classes

It is important to know and take pride in our mother tongue. However, fluency in English is a useful skill and is linked to many opportunities. It is thus the responsibility of the Government to ensure access to free English classes for youth

Making Education and Work women friendly

Women are under-represented in education and work because of systemic bias. The Government must ensure that women get extra support to be able to study and work with equality and safety

Access to affordable and quality higher education

No young person who wants to study should be denied education and no student should have to drop out of college

Nation building corps (India Corps)

Young people, especially students, have a pivotal role to play in nation-building. The Government needs to institutionalize opportunities for young people to participate in decision-making and governance in their local community and nationally

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