Become a #BehtarBharat college Ambassador

Join the Behtar Bharat program and get
a chance to speak directly with the
Congress leadership and set
national agenda.

The Congress is on your side. We will ensure that you get
  • Respect for your hard work and struggle
  • Support and guidance to meet your aspirations
  • Access to top leaders in every field
  • Space in decision-making and governance
Become a Behtar Bharat College Ambassador
  • Speak directly with the Congress leadership
  • Set national agenda
Behtar Bharat Agenda
Access to opportunities and mentoring: Youth Clubs in every block
  • English classes
  • Meetings and discussions with leaders in different fields
  • Career guidance
  • Sports coaching
  • Opportunity to travel and build connections across the country
  • Exchange programs
  • 2 Youth representatives (M/F) in every block with whom the CM will meet on a monthly basis to ensure Youth Clubs function well and respond to the needs of young people
Overhaul of the examination system
  • Timely and transparent results
  • Cap on cost of re-evaluation
Ensure access of first-generation and rural students to quality higher education
  • Reduction in fees and expansion of state-funded seats
  • Hostels for all low-income students
  • End backdoor privatisation: elimination of self-financing courses in public universities
  • State-funding of selected first-generation students to go to any college of their choice (after they get admission)
  • Coaching for professional entrance exams (there will be a qualifying test to limit numbers)
  • Provision of study material in local language (for Central Universities)
  • Option to take entrance exam in local language (for Central Universities)
  • Counselling especially before significant milestones such as pre-admission and post-graduation
  • Remedial tutoring
  • Teacher and faculty vacancies will be filled (will also create jobs for young people)
  • Overhaul of curricula to make it more relevant
  • Upgradation of infrastructure (labs etc.)
  • Subsidised travel (bus-pass)
Students Rights Commission
  • At present, students have nowhere to turn to if they get into conflict with the university administration. The Students Rights Commission will be their champion (NSUI has also prepared a draft Students Rights Act, violation of which could be adjudicated by the Students Rights Commission)
English Classes
  • Shameful that some elite are unable to speak in their local language, but there is nothing shameful about not knowing English
  • Fluency in English is a useful skill and Congress will ensure that all young people have the opportunity to acquire it
Making India women friendly
  • Free education for girls: KG to PG
  • Working women’s hostels at the sub-district level
  • Implementation of ICC for redress of sexual-harassment
Discrimination-free education institutions
  • Diversity in faculty appointments
  • Immediate disbursal of all pending scholarships
India Corps
  • Internships and apprenticeships in selected Government offices at the district and block level
  • Volunteering opportunities (local PHC, schools, parks etc.)
  • 25% local body (panchayat and municipal) seats reserved for under 30 years
  • Promote SMEs to increase availability of jobs
  • Special incentive to private sector for hiring young people
  • Filling Government job vacancies on priority
  • Contract jobs will be regularised
  • Expansion of skilling