NSUI family photographed at the first Alumni meet
NSUI family photographed at the first Alumni meet

Since our inception on 9th April, 1971, NSUI has been lighting the torch of student activism which has been passing from one generation of student activists to another. This torch has remained ignited with the idea of safguarding the rights of student community alongside instilling a sense of citizenship among students. Student activists have been identified, groomed and moulded into leaders in various fields proficient to represent the Nation.

Pre-Independence Movement:

Student movement reached its apex during the struggle for independence due to strong participation of students from all sections of the society. Prior to 1950, the student activism of the Indian National Congress were carried out by the youth wing of the AICC.

Post-Independence Movement:

The student movement in Kerala and West Bengal gained momentum and resulted in the formation of the West Bengal Chhatra Parishad and the Kerala Students’ Union under the vast Congress canvas. Taking inspiration from these, Smt Indira Gandhi laid the foundation of the NSUI on 9th April 1971 to represent the voice of millions of students irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or region.

In 2007, Shri Rahul Gandhi brought about a revolution by democratizing the organization with open membership process and electing office bearers at all levels. This transformation process allowed many young leaders, without political background, to emerge from the grass root.

The organisation maintains a transparent process of membership. Our members elect OBs through an independently conducted and audited process of internal elections that are free, fair and absolutely democratic. NSUI, at present, has registered over 4 million members through Open Membership. Over 1,30,000 elected office bearers and formed Units in 14500 colleges across the country. Our motto of serving the student welfare is achieved through this grand network of members and young leaders.

Since its inception, NSUI has achieved great height under the leadership of the following National Presidents till date:

1) Late Shri P RKumaramangalam (1971-1974)

2) Shri G. Mohan Gopal (1974-1976)

3) Smt Geetanjali Maken (1976-1977)

4) Shri K K Sharma (1977-1981)

5) Shri Subhash Chaudhary (1981-1982)

6) Shri Ramesh Chennithala (1982-1984)

7) Shri Mukul Wasnik (1984-1986)

8) Shri Manish Tewari (1986-1993)

9) Shri Saleem Ahmad (1993-1997)

10) Smt Alka Lamba (1997-1999)

11) Smt Meenakshi Natarajan (1999-2003)

12) Shri Ashok Tanwar (2003-2005)

13) Shri Nadeem Javed (2005-2008)

14) Shri Hibi Eden (2008-2012)

15) Shri Rohit Chaudhary (2012-2014)

16) Shri Roji John (2014 onwards)

17) Ms. Amrita Dhawan (July 2016- June 2017)

NSUI Flag:The flags of West Bengal Chattra Parishad and Kerala Students’ Union were merged to form the NSUI flag.’