Protect Freedom of Expression and stop the cultural policing by ABVP and RSS in Delhi University

21 05
Intolerant behavior of RSS which has been spreading across the country, has now begun infiltrating into educational institutes.

With the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) coming to power, the intolerant behaviour of RSS which has been spreading across the country in various forms, has now begun infiltrating into various colleges and universities. The ABVP led Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) has written to the Principal of SGTB Khalsa College demanding a ban on a street play by the ‘Ankur Drama Society’ of the college. Content of the letter is highly objectionable and the threatening language used in the letter shows the real face and intolerance of ABVP led DUSU. We condemn this move in the strongest terms and wish to remind ABVP that we live in a democratic society which has no place for their autocratic attitudes.

Art is a reflection of culture and society and maintaining the freedom of expression and artistic freedom is the crux of a progressive nation. Certain groups, however, are misrepresenting culture and religion, to suit their personal gains, leading to the current ‘Cultural Talibanism’ in India which is disgraceful.

NSUI stands in support with Ankur Drama society of SGTB Khlasa College.

A delegation of NSUI office bearers called upon the representatives of the ‘Ankur Drama Society’ and the Principal of the college and expressed solidarity. We shall strive to sustain the freedom of Expression in Art and fight against these regressive forces that are all set to disturb the democratic balance of our country by depriving citizens of their basic constitutional rights.

Further, in support of freedom of expression and artistic freedom, NSUI will organize a street play competition in Delhi University on the theme of ‘Moral Policing’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ and we invite students and theatre societies of all the colleges in Delhi to participate in it. Together lets fight the forces that try to dictate terms to us and take away our freedom.