NSUI Tripura: Overcoming Struggles

21 05
"In spite of limited resources & unlimited struggles, the team has worked with passion & energy delivering beyond expectation"

As the in-charge of Tripura NSUI, I have had many observations and worked in this area profusely. One of my observation is that NSUI here has very limited resources and support from the local leaders in a land where CPI(M) has been in power for the last 23 years & are known for politics of violence. However, despite this, the team, has managed to do quite a bit of work in this state, more than expected from them.

For the first time in the history of Tripura, a state convention was held in February 2015 by Tripura NSUI in Kamalpur. This is a small town surrounded by the tribal area, around 120 kms from Agartala. We chose this location in order to reach out to maximum number of tribal students. National President NSUI shri Roji M John was our chief guest for the State Convention named “ Kal Ki Awaz”.

In this convention, it was decided that Tripura NSUI will hold a demonstration in Delhi for including Kókborok, a tribal language used vastly in Tripura by majority Tripuri community, in the 8th Schedule and will force the Centre to table the pending 6th Schedule Amendment Bill. Ammendment in 6th schedule will empower the autonomous districts where education is not in priority list by the state govt. Inclusion of Kókborok in the 8th Schedule is long pending demand of Tripuri people. For this reason, we believe that this demonstration is important. In order to take part in this demonstration, a group of 250 students will arrive in Delhi in July or August, depending on when the demonstration will be held.

Further, in May 2015, NSUI Tripura organized Indira Gandhi Career Counselling Seminar in the presence of AICC secretary & All India In charge of NSUI, Shri Girish Chodankar. The purpose of this seminar was to reach out to the students of Tripura and to provide quality and free career guidance to them. By doing so we hoped to help these students realize their inner potential, their aspirations, and their latent aptitude and guide them to the path of their desired career and goals. This seminar proved to be benefiting the students.

Moreover, the Rajiv Gandhi Book Bank, a remarkable initiative to spread literacy in Tripura, is also active. This initiative believes that the unavailability of books should not stop students from a chance of learning and gaining knowledge. This phenomenal book bank is successfully helping underprivileged students in their education by providing them with books at very nominal fees. As of now, Rajiv Gandhi Book Bank has collected 500 books and is growing everyday and reaching out to more and more students. We have targeted that it reaches at least 5000 students soon and helps them with their education and learning process.

We also launched a blood donor directory in Tripura. In this radical endeavor, the volunteer students can register themselves by providing their basic information and blood group instead of donating their blood right away. Then, in the future, as and when the need for blood surfaces, NSUI can call them up in order to donate blood.

In the months to follow, Tripura NSUI plans to launch a campaign against the prevalent unemployment predicament of the state. We hope that this campaign will urge the State to create jobs, call center industry and so on. And if this is not done, we will urge them to at the very least provide unemployment allowance to the students who have no jobs.

Deepak Negi is the National Secretary of NSUI and in charge of Tripura.