Young Women Leadership Program

Women’s safety and political representation have always been a concern for the NSUI. We also believe in tapping the immense and unlocked potential of young Indian women, which has recently gone unnoticed. With this program, we are inviting bright young women to become leaders and changemakers in their own right. You are more than Daughter, Sister, or Girlfriend. Come, be leader!

Need and Context

It is heartening that questions of women’s right to safety and political representation are finding increasing space in the public discourse today. At the same time, it is imporant to mainstream other women’s issues suhch as women’s right to eqaulity, freedom, equal opportunity, and dignity.

  • Identify and groom young women to provide leadership to the public discourse
  • Provide meaningful platform for young women to voice their concerns
  • Provide young women access to networks and support to help them in their career
  • Articulate an expansive women’s agenda and charter of demands
  • Increase women outreach and share of women participation in NSUI
  • Many freedoms women enjoy today – freedom to study, work, marry by own choice etc. – are new. Many young women still don’t have these freedoms. It is thus important to expand and protect women’s freedoms
  • Women have the right to safety at all times of the day and night. Women’s safety cannot become a tool to shame women about their attire or lifestyle, nor can it become a way to constrain their freedoms
  • Women must get equal representation in all leadership and decision-making positions in all sectors including politics, media, corporate sector, judiciary, academia etc.
  • Women have equal citizenship rights. They are more than just daughter, sister, wife/girlfriend and have the right to independent opinions which are as valuable as men’s opinions.


  • Personalised communications and public speaking training
  • Career Guidance
  • Opportunity to network with senior professionals in their field
  • Opportunity to participate in the Congress Party’s 2019 Campaign
  • Opportunity to represent the Congress Party in various public fora
  • Work on an actionable agenda for women

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